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Meet The Team

Community Organizer

Psychedelic Harm Reduction

Melissa Vrouvides

Tania Santer

Artist/Art Therapist

Josiane Philion


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Yoga Teacher

Christine Allard


Leila Labadie


Aphrodite's Roots

How It Began

Growing up, my grandmother's house was the hub where family and friends would gather from near and far. Her dining room table was the container that held everything—from celebrations, laughter, and amazing meals, to dramas, dark secrets, and tragic memories.


What was so beautiful about my Yiayia was how she welcomed everyone as they were; however, where there is light, there is also shadow. The darker side to her nature was that she would forgive and condone certain behaviours that had no business existing. She came from a distant time and culture, where heinous acts were normalized, and where intergenerational trauma and healing were unheard of. In her final years, I saw how a lifetime of unresolved trauma manifested in her mind and body, and it was heart-wrenching to witness. 


Through Aphrodite Health, my goal is to honour her spirit, authenticity, the comforting elements of my Greek culture, and the great pain and sacrifice of her life—by creating spaces that embody a conscious reflection of my dear Yiaya's dining room table. 


Thus, Aphrodite Health symbolizes a continuation of a legacy, a convergence of the old and new, a remembrance of those who came before us, and an acknowledgement of grief for what was lost and never will be. It marks a stride toward liberating ourselves from the shackles of generational patterns and fostering new ways of being — anchored in radical truth, reciprocity, healing, and consciousness. 

With love,



Afroditi Klimis 

1928 - 2023

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