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Is Cannabis a Psychedelic?

In an article for Psychedelics Today, Melissa explores the profound healing potential of cannabis in cracking open treatment-resistant trauma symptoms in an interview with Psychedelic Somatic Institute’s founder, Saj Razvi. Click here to read more.


Sacred Healing: Women on Psychedelics — Microdosing for Healing Podcast

The Women on Psychedelics team talk psychedelic healing, trauma-informed facilitation, harm reduction, and much more. 

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Exploring the Vast Potential of Psychedelic Medicine: A Physician’s Perspective on Allopathy, Virtual Community, and Clinical Research

Many physicians in the medical community are interested in working with psychedelics but what are the systemic barriers to entry, and how do our current medical paradigms support (or prevent) physicians from learning more about how to support their patients?


Dr. Burton Tabaac is a physician breaking convention to better serve his patients. How did he do it? Click here for the full read.

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