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What Our Community Says


To echo my words during the ceremony: “This was the best experience of my life”. The Refuge facilitated by Melissa and Tania was nothing short of life changing and life affirming. The preparation work in the weeks leading up to the ceremony was extensive, and yet each piece felt intentional. It laid the groundwork for a ceremony where I felt empowered to surrender and listen to my body for the first time in a very long time. Every moment spent with the wonderful women on the retreat felt thought out, and the food prepared by the community was exquisite. I left the experience with a deeper connection to myself and with new connections I look forward to building on. The benefit of the integration afterwards cannot be overstated and being able to reconnect with others who have had an experience such as this has been key in incorporating the experience into daily life. Melissa and Tania made it possible for me to see and be seen and I would recommend this experience to anyone who is ready to show up and do the work!


My experience at the retreat was nothing short of magical. Tania, Melissa, and Pascale are skilled and compassionate facilitators who helped curate a loving, safe, and joyful atmosphere.

Michelle O.

I cannot be more grateful to Melissa and Tania for what they have done with Aphrodite Health. 


The moment I walked into the room for our first session, I could feel it — an atmosphere — a gentle container of acceptance, love, peace ... Their work in creating a conscious community opened up a sanctuary, a place where — if we were willing to be vulnerable and open to what came — we could nurture ourselves and others and find healing. 


My experience was magical. And the connections made and the seeds they planted continue to bear fruit. 


You know when you think something is happening for a reason? Throughout the preparation, the retreat itself and the integration of the experience, I felt supported, encouraged and chosen.  Most importantly, I think this was exactly what I needed in my journey to my authentic self. Melissa, Pascale and Tania are fantastic, knowledgeable and caring facilitators and I couldn't be more grateful that they created and made this experience available to other women like them who are ready to "do the work". I could go on and on about the great attention to detail, the delicious meals, the thoughtful planning, their sincere intentions, the creation of a safe space, etc. I mean, the retreat is one of the most powerful events of my life! Several months later, I feel like I am still learning from the medicine, the feminine energy, the connection to my body and the power of community. I have integrated concepts of healing on a deeper level in a world that wants us to stay on the surface.  I now understand that looking inward with kindness and acceptance is healing and that when we heal ourselves, we heal others. And that is powerful!  I am convinced that taking the time to look inward to bounce back higher is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, and therefore to humanity.

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