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It Takes a Village

Alone we go faster, but together we go further. Many hands go into the creation of Aphrodite Health gatherings and every role is essential—from volunteers, participants and facilitators, to mentors and donors. The diversity of Aphrodite Health is shaped by every woman who uniquely contributes to supporting the culture we live and breathe.

Are you passionate about women's health, healing, and consciousness expansion? We need you and your continued support to continue building healing spaces.

"Any place you see in your culture where you do not fit, your culture needs you.

They need precisely what you have.

They need the gifts that you have brought, they need the energy and all the love that you have brought with you."

Clarissa Pinkola Estés


Are you interested in organizing a workshop with us? Do you possess skills or training that can benefit women on their healing journey? This includes but is not limited to, somatic-based practices, art therapy, nervous system education, womb & pelvic floor health, psychedelic preparation and integration, experts in motherhood support, pre-and post-menopause, singers and sound healers, yoga teachers, breath work facilitators, doula support, and more.


Take part in our energy exchange program by volunteering and participating in our workshops or circles. Your involvement could look like preparing fruit platters for our gatherings, assisting with setting up the space beforehand or helping with clean up afterwards. This offers an opportunity to engage deeply in these gatherings, where your contributions enrich our community experience beyond monetary value.

Support Financially

Your financial support can enable us to sustain sliding-scale modalities, flexible payment plans, and scholarship programs. This ensures that we can continue to operate inclusively and strengthen our community as a whole by redistributing wealth where it's most needed.

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