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Inspiring Women Toward Community-Centred Healing

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"Rituals are crucial in re-connecting women to their own instinctual roots.

If the ritual emerges from their own authentic Being, women find themselves in the presence of their own straightforward, non-negotiable, inner truth. For the first time in their complex lives, they feel their own I AM."

Marion Woodman

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Our Mission

We believe that healing is a relational endeavour, with community at the centre. Our framework bridges mind and body-based modalities, combining nervous system education, creativity, nature therapy, somatic movement, and inner-child work — guided by trauma-informed practices.

We have lovingly and intentionally crafted women’s circles, workshops, intimate plant medicine preparation and integration, deep dive gatherings, and one-on-one support to fan the flames and unite women. 

Our offerings honour the diversity of womanhood, the ebbs and flows of the female journey and her seasonal cycles, embracing the fullness of nature's wisdom to guide us home to ourselves, each other, and our bodies. 

These gatherings beckon the hearts and hands of every woman called to the village-minded way — those seeking spaces to uncover their authentic selves, embrace interdependence, and cultivate healthy relationships rooted in consciousness. 

“ The indigenous thought is when one of us is ill, all of us are ill. Taking this thought a little further, we see that healing is a matter, in great part, of having our, connections to the community and the cosmos restored. This truth has been acknowledged in many studies. Our immune response is strengthened when we feel our connection with community. By regularly renewing the bonds of belonging, we support our ability to remain healthy and whole.”

Francis Weller

The Wild Edge of Sorrow

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We Aren't Meant To Do This Alone

Picture a network of women supporting and witnessing each other through all seasons and cycles.

Envision a community of women regularly gathering, exploring their internal landscape and building relationships with their fellow sisters through somatic-oriented work, ritual, creative practices, and conscious connection. 

At the heart of our work is a culture of reciprocity, where women support each other not out of obligation, but from a deep recognition that both needing and being needed give shape and purpose to life. ​

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