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Aphrodite Health

Inspiring women towards wholeness through embodiment, ritual, and community.

Our Vision

Imagine a culture rooted in reciprocity, where women support each other not out of obligation but because they recognize that both to need and being needed impart shape and purpose to life. 


Envision a community of women regularly gathering, exploring their internal landscape and building relationships with their fellow sisters through trauma-informed work, myth, and storytelling. 

Picture a network of women supporting and witnessing each other through all seasons and cycles.

We aren’t meant to do this alone. 

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Upcoming Offerings

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Seven Sisters Winter Gathering

February 9-11  |  Mont Blanc, QC

Seven Sisters is a gathering  place where women hold a collective intention of cultivating deeper meaning and relationships to their bodies, their inner ‘Self’, other women, nature, and the innate healing of being needed within a community.

We are crafting a vision and holding an intention, and now, we need YOU to help breathe life into it.

ritual / sisterhood / connection / collaboration

The hearth has gone cold

We exist in a time and place both unfamiliar and recognizable. Isolation, disconnection, and fear propel us along in our individuality, safely insulated, bobbing at the surface. Yet, something is amiss. We yearn for depth but grapple with fear, anxiety, and depression amid the safety and familiarity of a hyper-independent culture. We long for deeper connection and relationships but can’t seem to find them anywhere.


The hearth has gone cold, leaving behind only the dust and embers of a distant memory — the ghostly echoes of laughter and tears shared by women around the fire that once was.


We believe that not all is lost.


It takes a village to tend to the fire

We have lovingly and intentionally crafted women’s circles, workshops, intimate plant medicine work, deep dive gatherings, and one-on-one psychedelic support to fan the flames and unite women. 


Our offerings align with the seasonal cycles of Mother Nature, embracing the fullness of her wisdom to guide us home to each other and our bodies.


These gatherings beckon the hearts and hands of every woman called to the village-minded way — those seeking spaces to uncover their authentic selves, embrace interdependence, and cultivate healthy relationships rooted in consciousness. 

Our Offerings

What We've Seen

We live and breathe this work, witnessing its transformative impact on the relationships and lives of women in the community. 

Approaching group work in this manner builds radical trust and invokes the spirit of community collaboration. Being an active participant and exploring relational dynamics through group work, circles, and 1:1 containers has catalyzed our embodiment of what it means to live in a village-minded way. 

We have observed women continuing to connect and cultivate meaningful relationships. Witnessed them breaking patterns to foster healthier and radically honest friendships. 

We have seen women inspire each other through the profound act of sharing and being witnessed in their personal journeys.

Women have come together to give back to the community through volunteer work and creative contributions, forming powerful collaborations.

Maidens, mothers, and crones have descended into the underworld, emerging bonded and transformed on the other side. 

Yet, we have also seen women leave this communal constellation, the mystery of life far too great for any of us to understand. We trust that every woman is on her rightful path, and though they must go, we keep the teapot warm, anticipating the day they might return. No woman left behind. 

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Our Story

Through Aphrodite Health, we aspire to create a community culture where healing and consciousness flourish. Our vision symbolizes a continuation of a legacy, a convergence of the old and new, a remembering of those who came before us, and an acknowledgement of grief for what was lost and never will be. It marks a stride toward liberating ourselves from the shackles of generational patterns and fostering new ways of being — anchored in radical truth, reciprocity, ritual, womanhood, and consciousness. 

Meet Your Guides


Melissa Vrouvides - Community Organizer, Psychedelic Harm Reduction

With the aid of sacred medicines, Melissa accompanies women as they journey home to themselves and their bodies. She holds the firm belief that within each individual lies the innate power to heal and that true healing encompasses the integration of mind, body, and spirit. Melissa's primary focus when working with clients is to establish a foundation of trust and safety, creating a space where they can deepen their connection with their inner healer, becoming their own greatest guru.  

"My own personal struggles with complex PTSD and the sense of disillusionment over mainstream mental health approaches are what led me to the mystical world of psychedelics. After a life-changing introductory experience, my calling became clear and I have since advocated for their destigmatization. I firmly believe that—when approached with proper support, intention and in conjunction with other modalities—psychedelic medicine has the potential to act as a catalyst for profound healing and transformation."

Melissa has a background in psychology and has completed leading-edge training programs in personal development, psychedelic facilitation and trauma-informed work, including mentorship facilitated by Micah Stover, Trauma Midwife, Psychedelic Guide and Integration Specialist. She is also part of the second cohort for Psychedelics Today: Vital Training Program. Additionally, Melissa is on the Women on Psychedelics team—an organization working toward the normalization of psychoactive substances and the end of stigmatization around women’s mental health and women’s drug use. 


Tania Santer - Artist/Art Therapist

Tania journeys with women into realms of the mind and spirit by helping them cultivate a deep relationship with their bodies, the earth under their feet, and their inner creativity so they can reclaim their power and live meaningful lives.

"I began my path in art therapy after years of longing for harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Art making has been, and continues to be, a supportive tool in my own journey; helping me process my own inner world and gain insights into my life. I have come to understand art-making as being a deeply spiritual practice, a universal birthright, an intuitive voice, and a transformational avenue of self-expression. I create supportive therapeutic spaces for women to connect to their inner creativity and the world around them in deep and meaningful ways."

Tania Santer is a Professional Canadian Art Therapist (CATA), Registered Psychotherapist (RP), and an Art Hives facilitator with 5 years experience using her passion for nature and the creative arts to facilitate growth, healing, and community connection.

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