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Aphrodite Health



Women's Winter Gathering

Feb 9-11 - Mont Blanc, QC.

Image by Atle Mo


  • Yoga

  • Trauma-Informed Guidance

  • IFS-Informed "Parts" Work

  • Connection-Building Activities

  • Guided Labyrinth Walk

  • Sharing Circles

  • Hot/Cold Therapy (Sauna and cold plunge)

  • Guided Meditations

  • Nature-Based Therapy

  • Community Natural Dye Pot

  • Bonfire and Song Circle

  • Communal Meals and Collaborative Opportunities

  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies

  • And much more...



  • 3-day/2-night accommodations on rustic hobby farm in brand new extension 

  • 7 shared/private bedrooms & 4 bathrooms for comfort and convenience

  • Nourishing vegetarian and meat-based snacks/meals crafted by our dedicated kitchen witches, featuring farm-fresh ingredients

  • Bedding. pillows, linens and towels 

  • Access to 20 acres of trails and amenities, including a skating rink, cross country and snowshoe trails, river, and pasture.

  • Access to farm animals 

  • Wifi/internet

  • And much more...

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I cannot be more grateful to Melissa and Tania for what they have done with Aphrodite Health. My experience was magical. And the connections made and the seeds they planted continue to bear fruit.  

Michelle O.

To echo my words during the ceremony: “This was the best experience of my life”. The Refuge facilitated by Melissa and Tania was nothing short of life changing and life affirming.


My experience at the retreat was nothing short of magical. Tania, Melissa, and Pascale are skilled and compassionate facilitators who helped curate a loving, safe, and joyful atmosphere.


Melissa, Pascale and Tania are fantastic, knowledgeable and caring facilitators and I couldn't be more grateful that they created and made this experience available to other women who are ready to "do the work."



  • You are looking to build a conscious community of women.

  • You are desiring deeper relationships but don’t know where to start.

  • You are looking to cultivate your inner voice and be witnessed by others in a supportive container of women.

  • You are ready to address any wounding or fears around sisterhood.

  • You are ready to step outside your comfort zone because you recognize this is where transformation and healing happen.

  • You are craving a deeper community of women around you and are ready to contribute to building it.

Image by Fabian Mardi

The Vision

Seven Sisters is a gathering place where women hold a collective intention of cultivating deeper meaning and relationships to other women, nature, their bodies, their inner Self, and the innate healing of being needed in community. 

It is a gathering calling on all women in different life stages, lived experiences, and perspectives to share and explore throughout a weekend of inner and outer connection building and exploration.

It is a gathering where the services and the experience received are just as important as interdependence and collective contribution. 

It is a gathering of women who recognize community as being important and vital to life, so they show up open, willing, and ready with their presence and participation. 

The Inspiration

We are doing something completely different.

We are crafting a vision and holding an intention, and now, we need YOU to help breathe life into it. 


Our journey into group work and community building has revealed vital lessons — it requires slowing down, adjustment, constant attunement, and above all, tending to and input from every woman. In this alchemy of co-creation, conscious contributions from all are the key, highlighting the beauty in recognizing the unique role each of us plays in being of service to the whole. 

While retreats often anchor us in our individual experiences, placing on the receiving end — a valuable exchange, undoubtedly — relying solely on receiving makes it impossible to cultivate a deeper community of relationships. The Seven Sisters gathering is a deep dive into culture work, and it requires you


In order to build community and deeper connection, your presence and contribution is needed. Please come prepared with an offering for the community/weekend. 

This can include: A poem, A song, A myth or story from your ancestry, A small gift or token of appreciation for your fellow sisters and/or kitchen staff, A prayer, A quote, A service – i.e. volunteering to help with farm chores, helping with kitchen clean up, carpooling, being time-keeper during circle sharing, watching the dye pot, tending to the fire, etc., Other...

*Please note there will be open circle sharing, shared meals, and other opportunities to share words or creations with your fellow sisters throughout the weekend gathering. We encourage you to get creative with your offering! There are no rules. May your hearts be open and your creativity flow. 


Single Bed (Shared Room)


Double bed (private)


Queen Bed (private)


King bed (private)


Early Bird Pricing: $50 off until Jan 22, using code: Earlybird

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