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Community Resources

Welcome to our hub for a range of options to complement the healing and personal development journey. Here you'll find bodyworkers, retreats, courses, books and more to support you in building your village of care. Check back for regular updates. 


Physical therapists, osteopaths, accupuncture, etc.

Clinique Osteoplus

Osteopathy, posturology, massage therapy, shiatsu, therapeutic hypnosis, homoeopathy, naturopathy and more.

Nuvo Physio

Nuvo Physio promotes positive health practices that foster wellness by providing an array of manual therapies and specialized approaches to fitness while empowering their community with evidence-based health information through the latest trends and technology. Specializing in physiotherapy, osteopathy, pelvic floor rehabilitation, pregnancy physiotherapy and more.


Singing Immersion Nature Retreat | July 12th-14th

Dive deep with your voice, breath, and consciousness to create space, empowerment and liberation in your life and relationships. Embrace the gifts of summer through inspiring rituals and celebrations, fostering an expansive and peaceful self.


Healing Psychedelics: Innovative Therapies for Trauma and Transformation - Micah Stover

Psychedelics are showing great promise as a new way to heal trauma and improve emotional wellness. Studies have shown that they can be effective in reducing PTSD, anxiety, and depression, even in cases that are resistant to other treatments. With Healing Psychedelics, Stover offers a comprehensive and informative guide for both professionals and patients who are interested in learning more about psychedelic-assisted therapy. In a time when mystery, unrealistic expectations, and exorbitant prices make this therapy hard to access or understand, Healing Psychedelics aims to reduce the risk for harm and bring consciousness to the conversation. It covers everything you need to know, from preparation to integration, with an emphasis on safety and effectiveness.


Healing Psychedelics Foundation Course

A 4-month journey through the foundations of psychedelic therapy from clinical and indigenous perspectives. It is a small group learning environment intended to create a conscious community of support and care. The aim of the course is to increase access to this work by empowering people with knowledge. In so doing, we reduce the risk for harm. Ideal candidates for this course might be folks beginning their own healing journey and/or practitioners (therapists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, yoga instructors, etc) looking to weave psychedelic guidance into their practice.

Psychedelics Today: Psychedelic Education Center

Explore dozens of courses designed by global psychedelic visionaries.

The Embody Lab

The Embody Lab is a hub for embodied education, self-discovery and healing for global transformation.


These resources are provided as a service to our community to help individuals build their support systems. These recommendations are based on personal experiences and are shared voluntarily. Aphrodite Health is not compensated for including these resources and does not have a formal endorsement relationship with any of the listed professionals or organizations.​ Aphrodite Health cannot guarantee the quality or effectiveness of these services for everyone. It is important to conduct your own research and due diligence when selecting any health or wellness provider. Your use of these resources is at your own discretion.

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